Ad & Traffic Quality

IAB Categories

01/24/2019Min Ling
From Section 5.1 of the  OpenRTB 2.5 Spec IAB1 - Arts & Entertainment Value        Category Name Examples (where applicable) IAB1-1 Books & Literature IAB1-2 Celebrity Fan/Gossip IAB1-3 ...

IAB Creative Attributes

01/24/2019Min Ling
From Section 5.3 in OpenRTB 2.5 Spec Value Description 1 Audio Ad (Auto-Play) 2 Audio Ad (User Initiated) 3 Expandable (Automatic) 4 Expandable (User Initiated-Click) 5 Expandable (User Initiated-Rollover) 6 In-Banne...

Ad Quality for Header Bidding

01/22/2019Min Ling
At Freestar, ad quality is very important to us because it's important to you. We've gathered the following questions to make it easier for you to get control over the ad content displayed on your site. This article only applies ad quality i...

What should you do when you see an ad quality issue?

12/19/2019PubOps Team
If you are experiencing an unwanted or malicious ad on your site, contact your Account Manager or send us an email at with as much of the following information as possible: Description of the issue Screenshot...

Introducing the Ad Quality Report

01/29/2020Min Ling

Can Freestar block the ads with the white clouds? – FAQ

12/19/2019PubOps Team
What is the white clouds ad that is serving on my site? The ad featuring a blue sky and white clouds that you see serving on your site is not an ad creative. This is the default passback image that appears when DoubleVerify, an ad verification tech...

Insecure or mixed content and ads – FAQ

11/15/2019Demand Team
What is insecure or mixed content? Insecure content is any content request loaded in a browser over the insecure HTTP protocol. If your webpage is secure (loaded over HTTPS), but contains scripts, styles, images, or other linked content that are in...

Freestar's guide for preventing invalid traffic (IVT)

02/01/2019Min Ling
Invalid traffic (IVT) refers to traffic that artificially inflates your impressions or clicks through malicious or accidental means. Sources of IVT can include bot traffic, incentivized clicks, accidental clicks, or click farms. Increasingly, demand...

Invalid Traffic

12/09/2019Demand Team
What is Invalid Traffic (IVT)?  According to Google, Invalid Traffic (IVT) is any activity (clicks and impressions) that doesn't come from a real user with genuine interest. Examples of IVT include automated tools, robots, or other softw...