Benefits of using a CMP

With IAB's recent changes to the consent framework for GDPR, Sortable is transitioning publishers using our hosted CMP to a hosted Quantcast CMP. This and other articles will be updated in coming weeks to reflect these changes.

In May 2018, the GDPR pushed the digital advertising industry to comply with stricter regulations around handling personal data and privacy for European Economic Area (EEA) citizens. All companies offering goods or services to EEA buyers, or people who tracked their online activities, are now required to obtain consent from users with respect to what data they collect and who they share it with. Implied consent as an advertising business model is no longer enough.

With a Consent Management Platform (CMP) enabled, websites have the ability to inform visitors about the types of data being collected and ask for consent. EU visitors often see a pop-up appear on the initial load of a website. That pop-up requests that they choose what specific data can be collected before continuing on to the website. If your visitor opts in, they'll be shown personalized ads, but if they opt out, they'll be shown only non-personalized ads.  

Freestar's hosted CMP helps our publishers comply with GDPR, following the IAB standard. Even though the majority of your traffic may not come from the EEA, your website could still see impressions from these regions. Using Freestar's hosted CMP could help provide an increase in your revenue for your website!

If you are interested in using Freestar's Hosted CMP, please contact your Account Manager or to get started!

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