Benefits of Using Anchor Units

Many factors need to be considered when deciding where ads should be placed on a page as every website is different, and as such would require different layouts. Our team is continuously strategizing with our publishers to ensure they are getting the most out of their ads. One specific ad unit placement we highly recommend is a desktop anchor. This is a 728×90 banner ad placement that appears at the bottom of the user’s desktop screen. Anchors also appear on mobile platforms in 320x50 ad unit sizes.

Anchor ads, as the name suggests, remain at the bottom of the user's page whether they scroll or not. As anchor units allow ads to be in the user's page for the entire duration of their site visit, the viewability values increase tremendously when they are enabled. 

Anchor units are a streamlined way to create additional, highly valuable inventory. They offer the benefits of being always viewable (an incentive to advertisers), refreshable (potentially increasing session RPM), and able to blend into most website themes and designs. Anchor units must come with close buttons giving the user the option of not viewing the ads or having it theoretically disrupt the page layout. 

Publishers may already be using a third-party solution to implement anchor ad units, but these use limited demand and tend to have poor rev shares. With Freestar, publishers can eliminate any third-party partnerships and work directly with our team to implement anchors. 

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