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Blockthrough is a part of the standard offering with Freestar and currently is live on over 95% of sites within the Freestar Network. This would be additional revenue that we typically wouldn’t see as a direct result of setting Blockthrough live and tapping into your AdBlocked traffic. The creatives served are only high-end and IAB-approved. Any high-impact units are not triggered (ex: sticky footer). You can see more about acceptable creatives here. 


Blockthroughs platform identifies and targets users that are using an ad blocker, working to recover blocked revenue opportunities. When users visit your site with an ad blocker enabled, Blockthroughs technology will be triggered to scan for said ad blockers, once identified they'll serve an acceptable creative through the ad blocker. In addition to their technology on page, they also offer an analytics solution where they report on your audience's adblock adoption as well as new revenue you're supplementing - this means we can share with you your adblock rate if you're not currently working with a partner that scans for this. Latency will be kept minimal and they are compatible with every mainstream browser and platform.