Common TCF v2.0 Errors in GAM

With updates to the consent framework, some publishers have noticed this large menacing banner that shows up when logging into Google Ad Manager (GAM):

This is a shortcut to the EU user consent area (accessed normally through the side menu: Admin > EU user consent) where Google Ad Manager will provide an error log to help publishers find and resolve issues with their CMP implementation. While these errors can be helpful, the term "error" is a little overly dramatic in most cases. A handful of these are very common and expected to occur, even when the CMP is working perfectly. The full list of them can be found here but we'll go over the ones you can expect to see below.

Note: If you are using Freestar Hosted, our Customer Success team is regularly reviewing these to ensure there are no major concerns.

Common errors

The next steps assume you are using Freestar's CMP integration.

Error codeExplanationNext steps
1.1A 1.1 error indicates that the user has denied consent to Google to serve personalized ads.In general, these can be ignored as it implies the CMP is working correctly and the user is simply exercising their right to choose how their data is used.
1.2A 1.2 error indicates that consent was denied for "Purpose 1" (Store and/or access information on a device). This functions similarly to a 1.1 error, in that it prevents Google from serving personalized ads.In general, this can also be ignored for the same reasons as 1.1 errors.
2.1AA 2.1A indicates that when the Google product loaded, consent information was unavailable. In general, Google automatically detects the presence of the CMP and waits for it to provide consent information before serving. There are rare situations where it does not detect the CMP and throws a 2.1A error.If there is a low volume of these relative to total impressions in areas covered by the CMP, they can be ignored. If there is a relatively high volume, please reach out to [email protected] so we can investigate. 

If you are seeing a significant volume of any other error, or have any other questions, please reach out to [email protected].

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