Creating an ads.txt redirect for hosted ads.txt

To use Freestar's hosted ads.txt feature, you need to redirect from: 


to the URL provided on your Ads.txt page in Freestar Analytics (for example,<YOURDOMAIN>/ads.txt)

This article is for informational purposes only. For further instruction, we recommend consulting with your platform vendor.

We strongly recommended that you back up all files and test on a staging system before making any changes.

The exact steps to creating a redirect are dependent on the specific web hosting software/provider. Below are samples to redirect '' for a few common platforms. 


There are several plugins available for WordPress to configure redirects. Redirection is a popular option available in the official WordPress Repository (

  1. After activating the plugin, navigate to Tools > Redirection.
  2. For the source URL, enter
  3. For the target URL, enter
  4. Click Add Redirection.

Full documentation can be found here:


Configure redirects in Apache via the mod_rewrite engine. Place rules either in the main server configuration or in an .htaccess file.

For common file locations, see

  1. Create the following rule in the .htaccess file for the site:
    RewriteRule ^ads\.txt$

Full documentation can be found here:


Nginx is highly customizable — configurations and file locations can differ between source repositories and implementations. It is strongly recommended that you work with your web administrator and platform vendor. 

  1. Configure redirects by updating the Server Block configuration for the site:
    location /ads.txt {            
    return 301<YOURDOMAIN>/ads.txt;

Full documentation can be found here:


Use the following settings to set up your URL on Bluehost.


For more information about how to set up your URL with Wix, see

If you do not see your provider listed above, contact your domain hosting provider for more information about setting up your URL.

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