CWV – Using Freestar's Core Web Vitals Report

To create a Core Web Vitals (CWV) report:

  1. Navigate to and under Reports (in the left navigation menu), select Create New Report.
  2. Click to select the Core Web Vitals widget.
  3. Along with the date range and any time-related dimensions you'd like to use, select the Device Type and Top 50 URL dimensions.
    Note: Without the Device Type and Top 50 URL dimensions selected, you'll only receive an overview and aggregate score of your core web vitals.
  4. To examine your Core Web Vital scores in the Visualizer, select one from the Metrics row.
  5. To examine your scores in more detail, scroll down to the table.

We've provided Google's legend for measuring your CWV score right in the report.

For more information on how to improve your Core Web Vital scores, see our KB articles:

For a deeper dive into your individual web page scores, use PageSpeed Insights or Google's Core Web Vitals Report.

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