Freestar Analytics – FAQ

How do I set a specific date range for my report?

In the Date Range drop-down menu, select Customize. When you do, controls appear to select specific start and end dates.

Why are some dimensions unavailable?

There are certain combinations of dimensions that are unavailable together. For example, you cannot use URL (Top 50) with Hour, Date, or Month. Removing a conflicting dimension makes these available again.

Why can’t I change my chart into a line chart?

Line charts are only available when the primary dimension is time-based (for example, Hour, Day, or Month).

Why can’t I change the data my chart is measuring?

Please make sure you are changing the value in the correct place. To change the data being measured on the chart, click on the totals of each metric above the chart.

If the Metric you are trying to click on is currently greyed out it is not available in the selected chart type.

How do I show multiple metrics on my chart at the same time?

Showing multiple metrics on a chart at once (for example, show Impressions and revenue together), can only be done on a line chart when the secondary dimension is set to None. When those conditions are met, clicking on a metric adds or removes it from the chart. The colour of the line under the Metric name indicates its chart colour.

Why can I only group my primary dimension by day?

The primary dimensions available are based on the chart type selected. Changing your chart type automatically updates the primary dimension list to include all available values.

Why am I only able to change my bar chart from vertical to horizontal in some situations?

Changing a bar chart's orientation is only available if the primary dimension can be measured. The most common situation where this button is unavailable is if the primary dimension is time-based (for example, Hour, Day, or Month).

How do I make my report load faster?

Load speed is directly proportional to the number of dimensions and metrics selected, and the date range of your report. To reduce load time, try to limit the the settings to be as specific to your needs as possible.

How do I figure out how many unfilled impressions I had?

The easiest way is to find the total requests and subtract the total impressions. These can be isolated with the Connection Type dimension, labelled as Unfilled.

Why did my revenue and impression volume drop today?

Remember that the current day is not yet complete, so it does not have 24 hours worth of data. For this reason, when selecting a custom date range, we recommend not including the current date until you have a specific reason to do so.

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