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Privacy - Google Play Families Policy Compliance

If your game or app is officially under the Google Play Families program, Freestar provides such support:

FreeStarAds.setGoogleFamilyPolicyMode(, true); //If your app is designed only for children
//FreeStarAds.setGoogleFamilyPolicyMode( GoogleFamilyPolicyMode.mixed, false);  //If your app is designed for families with children

If your app is not officially under the Google Play Families program, then you do not need to set the Google Family Policy mode.

     * Only set Google Families Policy Mode if your app is required to comply with Google Play’s
     * Families Policy program.
     * @param googleFamilyPolicyMode app: the app is child-directed and will not receive
     *                               personalize or contextual ads.
     *                               mixed: the app is directed at mixed audiences.
     *                               none: (default) the app is not required to comply with Google
     *                                      Play's Family Policy
     * @param onlyNonPersonalizedAds true: if 'mixed' mode, then only personalized or contextual ads
     *                                     may be served.
     *                               false: if 'mixed' mode, then personalized or contextual ads
     *                                      may be served.
     *                               note:  if 'app' mode, then personalized or contextual ads
     *                                      may not be served regardless of this parameter.
    public static void setGoogleFamilyPolicyMode(GoogleFamilyPolicyMode googleFamilyPolicyMode,
                                                 boolean onlyNonPersonalizedAds)


Freestar SDK is GDPR compliant. In order for your users to be able to receive any ad fills in GDPR-affected countries, you, as a publisher, will need to implement a 3rd party Consent Management Platform (CMP). Freestar SDK will automatically detect user interactions with the CMP and act accordingly. Please see our Freestar GDPR Frequently Asked Questions for complete details and our recommended list of CMP service providers.


For Android, please use our test key XqjhRR for all your testing runs and enable test mode true. You will usually get 100% fill on all ad units. It is not recommended to use your production key for testing runs as that is strictly prohibited by our partners and bad things may happen to us on the business side of things.
Do not forget to uninstall and re-install your app when changing keys on your device.

When you are satisfied with your testing, please make a release build with your production key, and turn test mode off. Publish to store.

Automated Testing - Bypassing Ads

Are your automated tests failing after integrating Freestar Mediation Ads into your mobile application or game? Are you not sure it could be due to Freestar or something else? We have a feature called Automated Test Mode where you can run your automated tests to bypass Freestar or run Freestar in 'Limited Mediation' mode without making drastic changes to your code:

In your automated test suite code, before FreeStarAds.init is called:

FreeStarAds.setAutomatedTestMode( FreeStarAds.AutomatedTestMode.BYPASS_ALL_ADS )  
FreeStarAds.setAutomatedTestMode( FreeStarAds.AutomatedTestMode.LIMITED_MEDIATION )    //only runs AdMob & GAM

Again, this is only for your automated tests and not for production use.

Release Build

Final note when creating your release build: if you use proguard or minify, please add our proguard rules to your app proguard file.