Freestar Hosted Quantcast CMP (Deprecated)

Freestar's Quantcast is being deprecated in January 2024.

Freestar previously offered the use of an instance of the Quantcast CMP hosted from our wrapper technology. With the evolving complexity of privacy across the globe, industry adoption moving towards IAB’s GPP, etc., the business has decided to work with Sourcepoint to replace Quantcast. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to learn more!

This article is meant to be an overview of the Freestar-hosted CMP


Freestar Quantcast CMP (Deprecated)

Freestar is providing you with information on the ever-changing laws, regulations, and best practices related to consumer privacy.  We strongly recommend that you consult with your attorney regarding the specific compliance requirements related to your sites, including processing and use of data.  Your unique processing and use of data will determine your disclosure and compliance requirements, and the information contained in this article does not cover every potential scenario.  The information contained in this article does not constitute legal advice.

A CMP (Consent Management Platform) allows a user to give permission to websites to collect data. It allows the user to control and "opt-in" or "opt-out" of the data they share. For GDPR and CCPA-affected areas, we require user consent before we show ads.

While we recommend considering your own CMP integration, Freestar has an integration with Quantcast for a CMP we can add to your pages via our ad code. 



The CMP is enabled through Freestar's header code automatically, but you (the publisher) are required to provide users with links to opt out under CCPA or change their consent status under GDPR.


Why do you need CCPA & GDPR links?

The CCPA & GDPR links are required for privacy regulations in California and for GDPR. 

CCPA is an opt-out regulation so there is no initial prompt. Users are required to hit a link/button that reads “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” to opt out in California. You are required to add a link on each page of your site (e.g. in the footer) that gives users the ability to opt-out. 

GDPR is an opt-in regulation so a prompt is required. Users are required to consent to all the different ad partners on page to serve ads. You are required to add a link that gives users the ability to change their permissions. 

If you are using Freestar's Quantcast CMP you will need to place this code on your page to ensure the links appear. Once the user clicks on the link(s) this will pop-up their options on the Quantcast CMP. 

If you are using your own CMP you will need to follow the instructions provided by your CMP provider to place your links. You'll also need to enable all IAB-approved vendors within your CMP.

Where should you place the CCPA & GDPR links?

Your CCPA & GDPR links should be placed on every page of your site. For many sites, the footer is the best location.

When should you add the CCPA & GDPR links?

The CCPA & GDPR links should be added when you are adding Freestar's code to your page. If you are currently onboarding with Freestar, we recommend doing this on your test page so we can test to ensure that it is working as expected before going live. Even though the CCPA & GDPR protections are for California and the EEA we ask that you add the link for all users to ensure you remain compliant.

How to add the CCPA & GDPR links

Add the code below to the footer of your page.

<a class="change-consent" onclick="window.__uspapi('displayUspUi');">Do Not Sell My Personal Information</a>
<a class="change-consent" onclick="window.__tcfapi('displayConsentUi', 2, function() {} );">Change Consent</a>

Quantcast CMP & US States

Quantcast CMP & US States

Interim Solution for New US State Regulations    

California, Virginia, Colorado, Connecticut and later this year Utah each have unique state specific privacy laws publishers must comply with. The IAB has created a framework for communication of multiple global consent signals (Global Privacy Platform or GPP), but adoption across the industry has been slow.

In the interim, our Freestar wrapper will continue to respect signals under US privacy (CCPA) and GDPR and pass through any GPP signals to upstream vendors as those signals become available.

For publishers using Freestar’s hosted Quantcast CMP for web, we will have the CMP enabled in 5 US states to allow users the opportunity to opt out under the existing CCPA framework. This requires that you (the publisher) ensure your opt out (Do Not Sell My Information) links are accessible to your website’s visitors.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CMP?    

A CMP (Consent Management Platform) allows a user to give permission to websites to collect data. It allows the user to control and "opt-in" or "opt-out" of the data they share. For GDPR and CCPA-affected areas, we require user consent before we show ads.

What happens if my site goes live without a CMP?  

Freestar will not allow ads to display in GDPR-affected areas without a CMP. In CCPA-affected areas, only non-personalized ads will show. 

This can have a negative impact on performance so please contact your Freestar team before going live without a CMP.

I don't have European traffic, do I need a CMP?    

California, and other US states have unique state specific privacy laws that publishers must comply with. A CMP will be needed to allow for consent-based personalization of ads.

Will my users have to consent every-time they visit the site?    

No, users only need to consent once every 30 days. 

Can we customize the CMP pop up?

We have limited options available for customizable features. Reach out to your Freestar team with your request and they will let you know if it is possible.

Compliance with all laws is very important to me, now that I am using your CMP does that guarantee that I am compliant with the law?    

Freestar cannot guarantee compliance as that would entail legal advice. We can provide guidance and our own best practices but you will need to consult your own legal team to guarantee compliance.