Freestar Integration

About Our Ad Tags

The code provided by Freestar is built off of Prebid.js and the Google Publisher Tag library to work with Google Ad Manager (GAM). Any other instances of GAM on the page will cause issues with ads loading and will impact revenue. If you have other instances of GAM and/or Prebid.js on your site, please remove them from the site. This can include code from other ad networks you may be using. If you have concerns, please reach out to your Onboarding Specialist or Customer Service Manager.

Please note that any code shared in these documents is for example purposes only. None of the code provided in this document can be used for testing or demos on the publisher’s side. Freestar will provide your site-specific code for use in a staging environment for any testing that needs to occur. Always test our code in a staging environment before going to a production environment.

Integration Instructions

  • Non SPA
  • SPA 
    • React Implementation
      • React - Use this for React tags using our React component for sites using Single Page Architecture (SPA).
    • For other SPA implementations use our Event-Based Implementation
      • Event-Based - Use this for Event-Based tags for sites using Single Page Architecture (SPA) that are not React like Angular or Vue.
    • For all SPA sites, our Pageview Tracker will need to be added on page. 

Advanced Integration