What is Freestar Video?

Publishers everywhere are consistently looking for ways to improve the user experience for their readers, while simultaneously optimizing and maximizing their revenue. But increasing the ad density on page has its limitations from a user experience perspective, and brands and publishers are competing for space and advertising dollars like never before — so what’s a publisher to do?

Enter: the advent of the ability to add video advertising slots has revolutionized the industry and brands are willing to pay a premium to access video ad slots. So how do you further differentiate your ad slots and revenue? How can you take your ad monetization to the next level?

Our answer is Sponsored Video — exclusive to Freestar publishers.

First, let’s take a look at other video ad formats within the Freestar Video suite so we can see what sets Sponsored Video apart:

Instream Video

These video ad slots capitalize on publishers who are making their own video content and want to stitch advertisements into the video — be it at the beginning (pre-roll), in the middle (mid-roll), or at the end of the video (post-roll). Current advertising standards have marked mid-roll instream video advertising as too disruptive to the user, so here at Freestar, we only recommend and implement pre-roll in-stream video.

Videos are considered highly engaging content, with users having a high intent on watching them, so brands are willing to pay top dollar to have this captive audience — and clever publishers can capitalize on their willingness to part with advertising dollars by allowing video ads to compete for their existing display ad slots.

Outstream Video

Not everyone is capable, or even willing, to produce their own video content for their website, and therefore lack the capacity to access instream demand that offers them top advertising revenue. This is where outstream video comes in! 

Outstream video allows brands to place their own video advertisements in display ad slots. Now, these ad placements don’t have quite the same engagement level that instream video slots have (and thus don’t command the same CPM value), but they’re still more valuable than your standard ad placement.

Sponsored Video

Sponsored Video — exclusive to Freestar publishers — allows you to have access to instream demand but with an outstream experience for your users. So, you don’t need to create your own video content, you can still demand top CPM dollars, and the videos are competing for placement in your existing ad slots. There’s no need to increase the ad density on your page!

Sponsored video example

What’s more, the video content that’s being provided is curated — meaning we’re reviewing and selecting the video for your site(s) to make sure that it is relevant to your page and brand safe! 

We’ve been rolling out Sponsored Video in a beta test with some of our publishers and the results are outstanding:

sponsored video vs. other video CPM comparison chart

As you can see, CPM values with Sponsored Video are much higher — an average of 300% higher, to be exact!

What do I need to do to get access to the Sponsored Video?

The good news, if you’re a Freestar publisher, is — nothing! We’re making Sponsored Video available to all existing publishers over the coming weeks. If you have any questions about implementation, please contact accountmanagement@freestar.com. If you’re not currently a Freestar publisher and want to know how Sponsored Video might affect your business, reach out to us at BD-internal@freestar.com