Managed Refresh – Setting up your AdX declarations

For managed refresh, AdX policy requires that you declare any inventory that refreshes.

Create the key-values to be used for refresh declarations

  1. Log in to your GAM account.
  2. Select Inventory.
  3. Select Key-values.
  4. Select New Key-value.
  5. Enter fstr_st as the name.
  6. Enter Freestar Refresh as the display name.
  7. Select Predefined as the value type.
  8. Select New Values.
  9. Copy the following values below and paste into the values field:
  10. Select Save.
  11. Select the X to close.

Create the Ad Exchange declaration rules

In Google Ad Manager, 

  1. Navigate to Inventory > Ad Exchange rules > Publisher declarations.
  2. Click New display Publisher declaration.
  3. Create a new rule for each of the time intervals below.
    refresh time 30sfstr_st is any of 8Time intervals  -  30 sec
    refresh time 60sfstr_st is any of 9Time intervals  -  60 sec
    refresh time 90sfstr_st is any of aTime intervals  -  90 sec
    refresh time 120sfstr_st is any of bTime intervals  -  120 sec
    refresh time 180sfstr_st is any of cTime intervals  -  180 sec
    refresh time 240sfstr_st is any of dTime intervals  -  240 sec
    refresh time 300sfstr_st is any of eTime intervals  -  300 sec
    refresh time 360sfstr_st is any of fTime intervals  -  360 sec
    refresh event 30sfstr_st is any of 5Event Refresh - 30 sec
  4. Select Save for each rule created.

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