Publisher Ad Server – Onboarding Timeline

The typical duration for a Publisher Ad Server Onboarding is two (2) to four (4) weeks. This is dependent on the turnaround from our demand partners' approvals and from your team on providing the information we need, making code changes, and creating a working test page.

Week 1: Freestar Team Preparation

Once we have Google Ad Manager Access, we will complete our review of your account.

Once we have the information required for your sites, we will:

  • Create your sites in our system and add any approved demand partners. 
  • Create your login for Freestar's dashboard and provide it to you.
  • Provide full integration instructions to help you set up your test page. 

Weeks 2–3: Test Page Preparation and Deployment

Once you have set up the code changes with the information provided, let us know the URL where we can test the changes. We recommend that you make the changes on a test page before you add them to a page with live traffic so that we can test to make sure everything is working as expected and we avoid any revenue loss. Please provide a test page no later than two (2) weeks from starting the onboarding. Freestar will run a series of tests and get back to your team with any necessary changes. 

Once you are comfortable with the number of approved partners, we can schedule your launch.

Once your test page passes, let Freestar know when you plan to launch. We prefer launches Monday to Thursday between 9am and 12pm EST. If you launch outside these times, we cannot guarantee a check until the next business day (Monday to Friday). Freestar will run a series of tests and get back to your team with any necessary changes. 

Week 4: Monitoring

After your site passes our checks, we will monitor your site and partner performance.

Typical ramp-up times after launch are up to 14 days for demand partners to get up to their optimal spending. We ask that you give at least 14 days for any trials to get the partners used to your inventory.

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