Product Release Notes – August 6, 2020

Our August release notes include:

  • GDPR TCF 2.0 Purpose 1 compliance
  • Google updates on TCF 2.0 support
  • Prebid SupplyChain for Sortable-managed bidder accounts
  • Support for TheMediaGrid
  • New bidders added to Sortable Server-to-Server Demand

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GDPR TCF 2.0 Purpose 1 compliance

Purpose 1 of the IAB’s Transparency and Consent Framework v2.0 for GDPR requires consent to access a user’s device and set cookies. Sortable has added support for Prebid enforcement of this purpose. 

As a result of these changes, the accuracy of session-related values in Sortable Analytics may be impacted when users do not grant consent under TCF 2.0. We’ve added a new Jurisdiction dimension to the Ad Revenue report to allow for easier filtering of all GDPR traffic data for your site(s).

As a reminder, compliance with privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA is your responsibility, including ensuring your privacy policy is up to date. For more details on how Sortable’s hosted Quantcast CMP can help, and information on required privacy policy updates for CCPA and the new TCF 2.0 framework for GDPR, please visit our knowledge base.

Google updates on TCF 2.0 support

Google has provided more details on their plans to support TCF 2.0. Google will not be supporting global consent scope, which would otherwise allow a user’s consent for IAB registered vendors to be shared across multiple sites using third-party cookies. Google will enforce this by temporarily serving only non-personalized ads, then transitioning after three months to not serve ads in this scenario. As a result, Sortable’s hosted Quantcast CMP will use site-specific consent scope.

As Google requires consent for device access to set cookies for even non-personalized ads, “[i]f consent is missing for Google for Purpose 1 in the TC string, Google will drop the ad request and no ads will be served.” Google recommends that publishers not call Google ad tags in this scenario.

Prebid SupplyChain for Sortable-managed bidder accounts

The IAB’s SupplyChain & Sellers.json standards provide buyers with transparency into the payment flow for programmatic advertising inventory. Sortable is now populating the “schain” object (SupplyChain) for all managed bidder accounts in Prebid.

Sortable previously added support for SupplyChain via openRTB (Sortable Server-to-Server Demand), as well as Sellers.json.

Support for TheMediaGrid

Sortable has added support for TheMediaGrid Prebid adapter. If you have an account with TheMediaGrid and would like to include their bidder for additional competition on your advertising inventory, contact

New bidders added to Sortable Server-to-Server Demand

Sortable and Xandr (formerly known as AppNexus) have partnered on a new openRTB integration to allow Xandr to bid on inventory available through Sortable Server-to-Server Demand, including Sortable Video. This adds to other recent integrations (such as Nexstar, SpotX, and Verizon Media) that are increasing competition for formats like Sortable’s Sponsored Video.

To benefit from this additional demand for your site(s), please ensure your ads.txt file is up to date. If you are already using Sortable’s hosted ads.txt, any new lines for these bidders have already been added to your file.

To find out more about how Sortable’s Sponsored Video can help you maximize your earnings, or to enable hosted ads.txt, please contact