Product Release Notes – February 4, 2021

We have some exciting updates for the month of February. We have:

  • Web interstitials for Publisher Ad Server
  • New demand partner – AdaptMX
  • Upgrade to Prebid 4.23

Web Interstitials for Publisher Ad Server

In Q4, Sortable launched support for Google’s new Web Interstitials format for customers using  Sortable’s ad server, with some publishers seeing CPMs of up to 20x the CPMs of regular banner format ads.

Now, Sortable can also enable this format for sites with their own ad server, to help boost revenue from the incremental inventory this format creates.

For more information on this new format, please visit our knowledge base, or contact to ask about enabling this format for your site(s).

New server-to-server demand partner

We're excited to announce a unique new demand partner, AdaptMX. They deliver incremental revenue by helping publishers monetize more traffic in low cookie environments like Safari and Firefox. AdaptMX helps other SSPs bid more on selected impressions — where AdaptMX has some data and the SSP has little or no data. 

To take advantage of this new OpenRTB integration, you need to update your ads.txt lines. Publishers using Sortable’s hosted ads.txt solution will have these lines added automatically. To learn more about enabling hosted ads.txt for your sites, please visit our knowledge base, or contact

Upgrade to Prebid 4.23

Sortable is completing a minor upgrade to use Prebid v4.23. This version includes maintenance updates, as well as enhancements beneficial to upcoming support for the User ID module and improvements to Outstream video.

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