Product Release Notes – June 7, 2021

We have some juicy updates for the month of June. We have: 

  • Google MCM migration for publishers using Sortable Ad Server
  • In-Stream Video Support now in Beta

Google MCM Migration for publishers using Sortable Ad Server

Google will soon begin enforcing new requirements for publishers who access their monetization services via Google Certified Publishing Partners like Sortable. Publishers using Sortable Ad Server need their own Google Ad Manager “network code”, which then must be included as a “child network code” in monetization requests managed through Sortable’s Google Ad Manager account.

In May, Sortable completed testing and released updates to include the child network code in requests to Google, for publishers that have completed the new Multiple Customer Management (MCM) Manage Inventory registration process. To continue monetizing your inventory after the existing system is discontinued by Google (on July 1, 2021), all publishers using Sortable Ad Server must have completed the registration process and have sites approved and associated with their network code by Google.

This change is only applicable to publishers using Sortable Ad Server. No changes are required for those who use the Publisher Ad Server integration.

To find out more about these changes, visit our knowledge base or contact

In-Stream Video support (Beta)

Connected to over 15 video demand partners, we are now able to support publishers that want to monetize their video content with in-stream ads. We use Google’s IMA SDK, so any publisher running one of these video players should be compatible with our solution. Please reach out to us if you are interested in participating in the beta.