Product Release Notes – March 12, 2020

We have some exciting updates for the month of March. We have:

  • Upgraded to Prebid v3
  • Added support for six new Prebid adapters
  • Added OpenRTB integrations for Acuity Ads and Improve Digital 
  • Improved ad size configuration for Sortable Hosted customers

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Your Sortable Product team

Prebid v3 upgrade

We have upgraded our platform to the latest major release of Prebid (v3). This upgrade better supports Google’s cookie changes in Chrome 80, and includes updates that many demand partners have made to their adapters to support the U.S. Privacy String for CCPA and SupplyChain object for transparency into sellers and resellers of bid requests. 

Support for more Prebid adapters   

Sortable has added support for the following Prebid bidder adapters:

  • Kargo
  • Consumable
  • Beachfront
  • Just Premium
  • Underdog Media

If you have an account with one or more of these partners, and would like to enable them for additional competition on standard display and/or supported high-impact formats, contact

New OpenRTB integrations requiring ads.txt updates

Sortable has added two new OpenRTB integrations with SSPs/exchanges that require publishers to update their ads.txt lines.

  • Improve Digital
  • Acuity Ads via Adman Media

Publishers using Sortable’s hosted ads.txt solution will have these lines added automatically. To learn more about enabling hosted ads.txt for your sites, please visit our knowledge base, or contact

Ad size configuration improvements for Sortable Hosted

Ad unit sizes for Sortable Hosted customers (customers using Sortable’s Google Account Manager account) are now configured entirely on Sortable’s end, eliminating the need to edit or implement new ad tags on-page to optimize a slot’s eligible sizes and formats. Ad unit sizes too large for the containing div are filtered out to avoid any layout issues that may otherwise occur.