Product Release Notes – December 4, 2019

For the month of December we have some exciting updates:

  • Custom dashboards
  • New Referrer and Referrer Type dimensions
  • Gum Gum PreBid adapter support
  • CMP enhancement

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Your Sortable Product team

Custom dashboards available December 9th

Custom dashboards will now be available to everyone starting December 9th. This lets users create additional personalized dashboards that can be easily referenced alongside the primary Home dashboard.

Getting started is easy. Choose from a library of pre-built widgets or create your own widgets to suit your needs. Step-by-step instructions on how to create a new custom dashboard are here:

Custom Dashboard

Custom Dashboard Widgets

New Referrer and Referrer Type dimensions

Our new dimensions help you get a better understanding of where your traffic is coming from. To take a higher level view, use Referrer Type, or dive deeper by looking at specific Referrer URLs to determine which of your sources are providing the most revenue.


Referrer Type

 GumGum Prebid adapter support

Sortable has added support for the GumGum Prebid adapter. If you have an account with GumGum, and would like to include their bidder for additional competition on your advertising inventory, contact

gumgum logo-1

Sortable CMP will default to serving non-personalized ads

As part of continuing updates to Sortable’s CMP and ad serving logic for users in the European Economic Area, Sortable will default to serving non-personalized ads when users have not yet consented to Google (and other vendor purposes) for serving personalized ads. This will help to mitigate the revenue impact of the updated consent framework used in the new version of Sortable’s CMP.