Setting up API limits

Freestar has implemented an SDK that allows our publishers to easily integrate with our system and lets them query their daily revenue for both the Header Bidding wrapper and the Freestar Exchange demand. For technical guidance on how to use the API, go here.

In preparation for anticipated growth, we have set rate limits for API users to both manage the load in our service and to educate publishers about our service boundaries so that they can design their API client more efficiently.

LimitDescriptionError Codes
Maximum number of rows per report500,000500 (Limit Exceeded)
Maximum size of a report1 GB500 (Limit Exceeded)
Request rate limit10 requests / 10 second (Not 1 r/s)429 (Too many requests)
Maximum number of concurrent reports3429 (Too many requests)
Time to retrieve cached reports24 hours404 (Not found)

If a client is restricted by one of the above limits, it can be resolved by:

  • Requesting only the data that you need
    • Using filter conditions to restrict the report;
    • Using fewer dimensions or metrics, or a narrower time range; or
  • Waiting a few seconds between requests to the API

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