Can Freestar block the ads with the white clouds? – FAQ

What is the white clouds ad that is serving on my site?

The ad featuring a blue sky and white clouds that you see serving on your site is not an ad creative. This is the default passback image that appears when DoubleVerify, an ad verification technology provider, blocks an ad from serving. DoubleVerify will block an ad if the impression does not match the campaign targeting. The block may be for invalid traffic, non-brand safe content, a blacklist, or out-of-geo delivery.

Can Freestar block the white cloud ads?

Since it is not an ad and has no associated advertiser, Freestar is unable to prevent the image from appearing on your site.

What can I do?

To reduce the number of DoubleVerify-blocked ads, review Freestar's supply policy and the following on your site/page:

  • Have you noticed any suspicious traffic on your site?
  • Are you monitoring traffic sources and filtering out invalid traffic?
  • Does your site/page have offensive content?
  • Does your site/page violate any laws or third-party intellectual property rights?
  • Is your site unmoderated user-generated content? 

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